We, Crescent Bookshop, one of the leading book distributors of well known publishers from the UK, USA, Malaysia and India. We offer a tremendous collection of books in various categories of Fiction, Non-fiction, Biographies, fables,  short stories, novels and classics, History,  Self – Help, graded readers, academic and non-academic books, library references, Science experiments and Encyclopedias. Our collection is aesthetically designed age-appropriate; it caters to diverse interests and at an affordable price. 


Our mission is to provide quality but affordable books for education, entertainment, self-development and self-fulfilment, to all when the need arises by:

  • Providing a wide range of books to satisfy our clients
  • Exceeding our customers expectation in their book requirements
  • Making our books accessible in the market.
  • Vision

    Our vision to become the largest and leading book distributor in Qatar provoding quality books to Public